Burger Centre will be hosting a special Silver Jubilee Shabbat Dinner on Friday 11th November to honour celebrate the World Wide Shabbat Project.

More details to come. Save the date.

Roll up Roll up to Burger Centre’s Casino Royale week in mid June 2016. The week promises to be full of entertainment that both James Bond 007 and the famous strip in Vegas would be proud of.

Why schlep to Rio when we can bring Rio to you. Yes the Burger Centre is going Carnival for the upcoming Rio Olympics with our very own week of Olympic fun Burger style. Starting on 15th August, as we need a little extra preparation that those young athletes flying to Brazil, the Burger Centre will come awash with colour, feathers and activity. There may even be some sequin and flare.

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee, the Burger Centre will be hosting a series of events the first week of September ending with a Cocktail Party on 8th September.

For more information about these upcoming events and our regular programs give our Senior Manager, Bronwyn a call on 8345 9223.

Stay tuned for more announcements of new initiatives commencing in the later part of 2016.

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