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Burger Centre is a dynamic social centre that offers a diverse range of activities for older people to assist them to maintain meaningful connections and engage in stimulating activities in a safe, comfortable environment.

events_bcThe Burger Centre was purpose built in 2009 with access to beautiful courtyards and manicured gardens.  There are no steps and It offers ample space for any mobility aids. The Centre has experienced multilingual staff who develop the programs and work with groups or individuals depending on their interests. In addition, the Centre has a fleet of modified buses that bring people to and from the Centre as well as a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers who provide their cars for greater support and comfort.

A range of programs are offered both within the Centre and on Campus.

Our Positive Aging program offers choice for those wishing to remain as physically active as possible.

Our social Support program offers a varied program for those who wish to remain connected with others with similar interests and those who may need additional support due to memory loss. 

Respite is offered 5 days a week. In addition Burger Centre offers a monthly Sunday program.

Burger Centre is a joint partnership between Montefiore Home and Jewish Care and is supported by JCA and Commonwealth Home Support Funding.

Burger Centre is an equal access social support program and welcomes all.